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Lunch Menu

  • 9/30/2014

    Waffles/Syrup, Peaches,  Milk Choice


    Red Bean & Sausage over rice, Cabbage, Cornbread Sq (Md/Hs), Cucumbers, Apple, Milk Choice

  • 10/1/2014

     WW Biscuit, Brk Sausage, Jelly, Pineapple , Milk choice
    Pepperoni Pizza. Salad, Tomatoes, Orange Sections, Milk Choice
  • 10/2/2014

     Buttered Grits, Toast, Tropical Fruit, Milk
     Tacos, Spanish Rice, Pinto Beans, Cantaloupe, Milk Choice
  • 10/3/2014

    Banana Bread Squares, Juice, Milk Choice
     Sloppy Joe on Bun, Carrots, Steamed Broccoli, Pears, Cookie (HS), Milk Choice
  • 10/6/2014

    Cereal, Toast, Cantaloupe, Milk Choice
     Corndog, Baked Beans,Coleslaw, Apple, Milk Choice
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